Mai 2010 (5 Tage)

Workshop: Tangible Sounds

Based on the game Tetris individual sound loops can be generated by completing several lines. SoundTetris: Playfully generating sound loops

Master Thesis presentation
Creating music with the developed sound controller “SoundTetris”

The idea

The concept SoundTetris was developed in the five-day workshop Designing Tangible Sounds at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal. Based on the game Tetris individual sound loops can be generated by completing several lines. Even novice musicians can generate sound easily with the help of default-allocations of musical instruments


brainstorming for the workshop
brainstorming for the first ideas

Video prototype

Instruments and effects are mapped to the respective blocks. Depending on the mapping of the blocks prepared Ableton Live sound loops and effects are played simultaneously.

Use the buttons to bring the individual blocks on stage. By shaking the controller the blocks can be turned randomly. Tilting to the left or right move the block in the appropriate direction – tilting downwards lowers the block faster.

The workshop progress

The prototype consists of an controller (with buttons, accelerometer & arduino mini for the detection of user inputs), the computer monitor (visual output) and different software components (Arduino, Processing & Ableton Live).

electronical experiments
electronical experiments with arduino and processing
building the controller
building the controller
midi controller
midi controller to rotate the blocks or request new ones

The prototype

Live demo on exhebition

The prototype has been presented on the Designers Open 2010 in Leipzig and was one of the choosen exhibition pieces that represented the Interaction design programm at the Institute of Industial Design Magedburg.

Designers Open 2010 Leipzig
Designers Open 2010 in Leipzig
Designers Open 2010 Leipzig
SoundTetris hands-on

My Role

Concept, video prototype, hardware & software prototype, exhebition stand