Januar – June 2012

Animanca – discover the animals

Animanca is an annual promotion by Migros with the motto: Discover! Several games waiting to be discovered on an online platform and even an app – not just for small explorers.

Animanca App Visual
Catch the stones is the cross platform app from Animanca

The promotion

The promotion is aimed primarily at children aged between 8 and 14 years, with the challenge of creating a platform that can grow over an entire year and that will be exciting for visitors throughout the period of time.

Animanca attic idea
The animated attic on the online platform

It took the form of an extensible, lovingly illustrated and animated attic, packed with online games, craft ideas and more for young visitors to discover.

Promotional ad-ons: The app

Animanca app idea
Ideas for the complementary app

To complement the online platform, deepblue networks also designed a cross-platform app called Animanca – Catch the stones. Mobile explorers have to collect as many Animanca stones as possible in a bag, while avoiding certain objects at the same time. The faster you go, the harder it gets. Only joker stones give the player a short time to relax. Players can win trophies to collect and display on the online platform.

Animanca app game screens
Game screens of the app

The game engine Unity3D was used to develop the cross-platform app to provide the game for smartphones and tablets under iOS and Android. Within seven weeks the Animanca game has been downloaded about 30.000 times from the Swiss AppStore.

Animanca app idea
Animanca app Catch the stones

In addition Animanca – Catch the stones was awarded by FWA as Mobile App of the Day on 3/15/2012. This award is given to inspiring ideas in mobile development.

Animanca app icon


on behalf of the client Migros Genossenschafts-Bund


deepblue networks

My Role

Interaction Designer/Mobile Designer for the game concepts, interface design and development support for the animanca app.


Animanca Website
Animanca iOS App
Animanca Android App
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