Juli – September 2012

Animanca – Discover the dinosaurs

As part of the Animanca year by Migros, Switzerland will become land of the dinosaurs for seven weeks.

Animanca dinosaurs
Animanca – Discover the dinosaurs

The campaign

From 4th of September to 22nd of October collectors get a Dino-wood kit with matching stickers in every Migros store for purchases over 20 francs. An exclusive collection box, sticker album and other attractive items, such as Dino crayons or plush dinosaurs, complete the promotion.

deepblue networks developed the main story for all channels and advertisements under the motto Animanca – Discover the World of Dinosaurs. It accompanies the small and the great explorers throughout the whole promotion.

The story

In their search for the dreaded Tyrannosaurus Rex, the two main actors Lea & Lucas experience a turbulent journey into the era of the dinosaurs in their time machine. As a starting point www.animanca.ch, the launched platfrom at the beginning of the year, serves a lot of adventures to the over 35.000 users.

Rexy, the little Tyrannosaurus Rex, travels as a stowaway back to the present. The dinosaur find a new home in the free available Mobile App and can be maintained by the user. To survive in our world he needs regular feeding, care and lots of love. Several mini-games help to create varied gameplay. The user can ensure that Rexy is able to travel back to his own time in the time machine.

Animanca App Icon

Promotional ad-ons: The app

An interactive audio book provides more entertainment in which children can follow the whole journey of Lea & Lucas and find out how Rexy got here. As an additional feature, the app has a scrapbook with integrated image recognition. The dinosuars sticker set is recognized by the smartphone camera and digitally stored in the scrapbook. Industrious collectors are rewarded with additional information about Rexy and his friends.

Master Thesis presentation
This is Rexy – the main character in the story of animanca (dinosaurs)

Like the last Animanca App the game engine Unity3D was used to develop the cross-platform app to provide the game for smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

Rexy app Flowchart
First flowchart of the Rexy app

Feed. Brush. Tickle.

Rexy is a small Tamagotchi from prehistoric times, that need your full attention. Take care of Rexy and feed, brush and tickle him.

Master Thesis presentation
Master Thesis presentation
Master Thesis presentation
Master Thesis presentation
Master Thesis presentation
Master Thesis presentation
Master Thesis presentation
Dinosaurs sticker


Rexy 3D model
Rexy 3D model
Rexy 3D model
Rexy 3D coloring


on behalf of the client Migros Genossenschafts-Bund


deepblue networks

My Role

Interaction Designer/Mobile Designer for game concepts, interface design and development support for the animanca app


Animanca Website
Rexy iOS App
Rexy Android App
mFWA for Animanca Rexy